Soothing Aromatherapy Facial (includes a relaxing massage of the face, neck & shoulders)  £45

Stress-relieving Duo

(Soothing Aromatherapy Facial & back, neck & shoulder massage) £65

Express Aromatherapy Facial- (includes acupressure massage of the face) £35


Skin Consultation £20

(redeemable off 1st treatment & mandatory for all advanced skin treatments including electrolysis)

Advanced skin treatments (using the outstanding plant-based vegan & results-driven product range, Dermogenera)

Dermogenera Tailored Facial-  £65

(to soothe & balance the skin & using galvanic/high frequency etc to further address issues such as acne, dryness & sensitivity)

Anti-aging Lifting Facial: £70

(to hydrate & nourish- includes facial massage & tightening serum & mask)

Infusion Facial- £65- including ‘nano needling’ technology to deliver hydrating & nourishing products deeper into the layers of the skin- includes short acupressure massage)

Infusion Plus- includes a stress-relieving massage of the face, neck & shoulders


Chemical Peel- skin resurfacing treatment for aging, acne, pigmentation & dullness £50

Radio Frequency- a pleasant, warming massage of the skin,  using a machine hand piece to stimulate the the production of collagen and elastin to tighten & lift the skin

1 session (full face & neck)  £50

Course of  10 (recommended) £450

Neck & jowl area- 1 session £35

Course of 10 (recommended) £315

Micro current (non-surgical face lift)- to stimulate & lift & tighten the muscles of the face & neck- best used in conjunction with radio frequency treatment

1 session - full face & neck £48

Course of 10 (recommended) £440

Radio Frequency & micro current combo for skin & muscle rejuvenation/lifting 

Full face & neck- 1 session £85

Course of 10 (recommended) £750

Neck & jowl- 1 session  £50

Course of 10 (recommended) £450

DERMALUX LED Light Therapy (photo rejuvenation treatment for the skin- & soft tissues- of the face & body) - aging, pigmentation, acne, eczema, psoriasis, soft tissue injury, face & body 

1 session (including skin preparation- cleanse & moisturise) £40

Course of 12 (recommended) £400 (2 free sessions!)

As a booster to any compatible treatment- facials, massage, peels, radio frequency, electrolysis etc £20

Skin Blemish Removal/Reduction (advanced electrolysis- for the treatment of skin tags, warts, milia, facial thread veins etc)

Advanced Electrolysis

MICRO NEEDLING (with medical mesotherapy serum and mask (includes enzyme peel))

1 session: £125

Course of 3: £325

*LED added for extra £15 per session*

*GIFT VOUCHERS are available for treatments or amounts*

Please note: there is a minimum treatment charge of £20 (to allow a safe amount of time between clients)

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours’ notice before cancelling an appointment to avoid charges- see website for details- thank you

Please text to make an appointment, or for further information: